Lars Sjöstrand
Lars Sjöstrand

Lars Sjöstrand, M.D., is a consultant psychiatrist at the Stockholm Centre for Dependency Disorders (Beroendecentrum Stockholm). He has been a specialist in psychiatry since 1980 and has worked with patients suffering from alcohol- and drug addiction in most of his professional career. Before his medical training he studied philosophy, aesthetics and the history of religion at the universities of Stockholm and Uppsala. He has published articles in the areas of history of psychiatry, medical ethics, and literature and medicine. In 2008 he published a collection of essays, Den fragmenterade tiden (The Fragmented Time).
Lecture: Thursday June 1 at 17:00
The title of the lecture is:  King Erik’s Madness and His Struggle for Power


Nils-Otto Ahnfeldt
Nils-Otto Ahnfeldt

Nils-Otto Ahnfelt  Dept. Of Science and History of Ideas, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden and the Hagströmer library, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

Nils-Otto Ahnfelt and Hjalmar Fors are engaged in reworking Hjärnes Testament also known as Swedish Bitters through both bibliographic and laboratory studies. Since theriac initially was a part of this 17th/18th century remedy the project also entails reworking different versions of both theriac and Hjärnes Testamente in the laboratory using modern equipment in order to study signature chemicals and aging effects on product properties.
Lecture: Saturday June 3
The title of the lecture is: Reworking early modern pharmacy through Swedish Bitters and Theriac. 


Bengt Jonsell,  Professor Bergianus, Sweden
Lecture: Wednesday May 31, at 18:00


Krister Östlund, Senior librarian at University Library, Sweden
Lecture: Saturday June 3, at 9:00

Óttar Guðmundsson
Óttar Guðmundsson

Dr Óttar Guðmundsson, Island
Lecture: Thursday June 1, at 15:30
The title of the lecture:
Psychiatric disturbances and sexual problems in the old Icelandic sagas.